August 2, 2018 by Lauren Scott

July’s club meeting took place at Nancy’s Hustle for dinner.

Attire: Relaxed to trendy casual.
Ambiance: Nancy’s Hustle is located in a fairly small venue in EaDo. It’s a bustling, energetic, loud restaurant. While I wouldn’t recommend it for an intimate occasion or a large group (max party size is 6), it was a perfect space for a group of friends or a smaller party looking for a fun night out.
Food: Very delicious and very unique. For this occasion, we ordered a variety of plates for the table to share family-style. We started with the “Nancy Cakes” with whipped butter and trout roe, the crispy hashbrowns with sautéed duck hearts, and the lamb dumplings with spicy tomato vinaigrette. We then moved to the lamb tartare and the greens salad with green apple and Dijon dressing. These were all delicious and each person had their own favorite, but we agreed that the Nancy Cakes were a must-order for next time. For our main entrees, we ordered the sourdough tagliatelli with brussels sprouts, wood grilled half chicken, roasted grouper with melted tomato and chorizo, the grilled sirloin tip with blistered peppers, and the grilled pork loin with peaches. Our favorites were the grouper and the sirloin tip, though everything served was excellent. We have also been told that the burger is excellent, so that is something we look forward to trying on our next visit. For dessert, we ordered the profiteroles with labneh ice cream and blackberry sauce and the vanilla crème brulee, along with cold Irish coffees. Both desserts were absolutely delicious and very well executed.
Drinks: A very diverse menu, with great options for any taste. A few of us ordered cocktails or beers to start, and we were pleased with our choices. The Big Bamboo cocktail was extra delicious. With dinner, we ordered a bottle of orange wine, though if you are looking for organic wines, you are in luck. Nancy’s Hustle specializes in organic wines, and it’s a nice aspect that sets the restaurant apart.
Service: Very friendly. Allie, our server, was wonderful and attentive, and she made great recommendations to us throughout the evening with regards to the food and drinks menus. All team members whom we interacted with were very kind and eager to help.

Overall: We loved Nancy’s Hustle, both for the food and for the energy. The dishes were both memorable and tasty. The restaurant had an upbeat vibe that lent itself nicely to our gathering of friends. Between shared dishes, delicious beverages, and friendly service, we had a great evening and are looking forward to returning for more.

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